Goin' for a Ride

Friday, March 19, 2010

My friend had the great idea of starting up a biking club of sorts (nerdy? yes, but it's the only term I can think of to describe) where a bunch of us will get together on Friday's after work and head out to the park for a quick bike ride followed by dinner and drinks at a local Uptown spot. The weather these days is just beautiful and what a better way to spend my time outdoors than by being with friends and getting some work week energy out at the same time?! ...

My only problem is that I don't actually own a bike. My parents have one I can borrow, but I may want to spring for a new one!

Any suggestions on a good bicycle... decent price, for casual riding?

Chubby Cruisers]


Dallas Shaw said...

so pretty

Kristen said...

i know! i love the color!

Anonymous said...

okay, we need to chat -- have you heard of http://www.fleetwoodskitkat.com/ -- it's right off the katy trail & they rent bikes! i've wanted to do the same thing for over a year now, but none of my friends are interested...

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