Kauai Bound, But Not Me

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am in jealousy mode. I just dropped off my friend at the airport... destination: Island of Kauai, Hawaii. Yep, for 10 DAYS!!! Plus he pretty much got the trip for free. Staying at a friend's condo and only paid around $50 for the flight (he had miles). It's funny too, because when I picked him up, he had a medium sized duffel bag and backpack. In other words, he packed light. I couldn't do that, but good for him. He deserves a break, so I'm happy for him, but I can still be jealous, right?

Have you visited the Island of Kauai before? What was your favorite part? Any suggestions of places to visit or things to do that I should text my friend about?


Diana Mieczan said...

Of course you can...and I can be too..hahahha...I would love a trip like that!!! Only $50?....A dream:)


Stacey said...

How cool! I'm jealous of him too. I've never been to Hawaii and it's on my places to visit list. Happy Thursday!

Phoenix Peacock said...

Youre a good friend. I'd have told him to bring me or walk to the airport! ha.

BusyB said...

you should have brought a life size duffle and jumped in lol : ) SOUNDS LIKE FUN! its okay to be jealous I am!

Kristen said...

PP and BB — both good thoughts! hmm, why didn't I think of those? ;)

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