A Weekend In A Picture Show

Monday, August 23, 2010

So I had a pretty good weekend starting with a lazy Friday night. And here it is in a picture show...
Saturday 10a - brunch with girlfriends at my friend Lindsay's condo. Complete with OJ, muffins, and the most delicious egg cupcakes — yep you heard right and here's the recipe (in layman's terms):

Grease muffin tin
Place in Canadian Bacon (in place of muffin holder)
Sprinkle in some cheese
Plop in an egg (like sunny side up)
Bake at 350 till the egg whites appear white and not clear

SO good! Thanks, Linds!

Next stop was Lula B's antique store in the Design District. I didn't really have anything in mind to get, but I sure had a fun time browsing and here are some interesting finds (not buys):
"egg speaker"
"alien tv"
"scary dog"
"lightbulb lamp"

Errands in between and then a quick glance at the toes and I knew my next destination... the nail place. And here's what I found there — little people in little chairs:
OK, so since that brunch at 10a, I decided not to do lunch so when my gal friend text asking about pizza and wine at a local favorite joint, my stomach did the talking for me. Here's what I indulged in:

And that was all Saturday. Sunday was filled with a great message at church, nap time, more errands, and a bedtime of 9:45p... it felt good.

Tell me about YOUR weekend!!


Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

those "egg cupcakeS" are interesting - i'm not an egg person, so dunno how i feel about them - but def interesting .. :o)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love the egg-cupcakes... I am so making them next weekend:)
Looks like a fun weekend...That "lightbulb lamp" is so cool! I want one just like that:)
Happy Monday,sweetie

Lindsay said...

Yum-- where's the pizza from? Enos?

Kristen said...

Campianas in West Village :)

Kelly said...

omgosh those eggs, look so good!!! And fun speakers!

<3 Kelly

Phoenix Peacock said...

Thats a fabulous weekend! Mine was not so fun, as I was traveling all day Saturday and Sunday I was doing errands and prepping for school. I did however make a fabulous breakfast cake so that we would start our first back to school week mornings off right! that egg recipe looks divine!

Christie said...

Love this Egg & Canadian Bacon Cupcake recipe! We are trying it aboard s/v Kaleo this weekend. Our marina neighbors will think we're quite the inventive and creative chefs. Thank you! Love following your blog :o).


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