A Modern Dollhouse

Friday, February 4, 2011

Amazing how times have changed.  I had a dollhouse when I was growing up.  A quaint little two-story sky blue one.  I was very proud of it.  I had the best time picking out accessories and bears, not people, to live in it - you know, the kind with the moveable limbs that you could dress up?!  Anyway, I had the best time because I had quite the imagination (and still do).  However, I'm not quite sure if my imagination would have stretched that far with the Emerson Dollhouse seen below.  It's modern to say the least.  Not much on colors or creativity and I don't think my bears would be comfortable sleeping on those beds.  It certainly is cool though, from a design perspective.  What are your thoughts?  Would you buy this for your little one, a niece or a friend?  
[source: clever tomato]


E. Charlotte said...

This house looks like something that would be cool on a coffee table, maybe not so much for little kids. I had a dollhouse growing up too. A white farm house style. :) I loved it! The inhabitants were small animals I could dress up. Never any people! LOL

Ana Degenaar said...

This is so cute and chic. Emma and I want it!
Happy weekend!

Oh, My Darling said...

I've always secretly wanted to live in a dollhouse. This takes the cake!

Martini said...

How adorable! I want a modern dollhouse....am I too old...hmm?!!

Kristin said...

Can I live in that dollhouse? HAHA

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