West Coast Trippin' + Leap Day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today is my birthday!  I'm a leap day baby so I only get to celebrate my "true" birthday every four years.  This year I treated myself and took a trip to the west coast with a good girl friend of mine.  Along the way, we saw the most amazing scenery (mountains, and of course the beach), ate the most delicious food, and spent time with some amazing friends!  I am blessed and this trip was a great way to celebrate my 28 years of life!!

Here are some pictures from our adventure.  As you can imagine, I took a TON, so this is just a glimpse of what we did/experienced.

San Diego -> Los Angeles -> San Diego
Seal beach at La Jolla
We stayed in Beverly Hills one night (couldn't get enough of the palm trees!)
Visited the Getty Center for the afternoon
Santa Monica beach (absolute fave!!)

Brunch by the beach = killer view! 
Beachside by day and night...
Extraordinary Desserts
Sailing on a friend's boat
And here's the gal that took on this adventure with me!


Ana Degenaar said...

This photos are amazing! I love it how you told me a story through them and I need some sunshine, pronto!

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