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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today started out like any other morning (I'm pretty routine), but about the time I was supposed to leave for work, I was not ready yet and I was stressed.  I leave for work at a time others would consider "early," but to me it's "on time" and I get worked up if I don't make that time - you never know what traffic's going to be like in a big city.  I hurriedly make it down the long hallway (no kidding) to get to the garage and realize, after I've started the car, that I left my phone in my apartment.  For those of you who fit in with the statistic of having your smart phone with you at all times, you get this next part.  I went back down that long hallway into my apartment to get my phone.  Surely I would miss a phone call or text that couldn't wait to be heard or seen until my lunch break... but this time, I actually did.  My friend wrote a small group of us to ask us to pray for her dad who's in the trauma center after a bad car accident.  Devastating.  I know how close she is to her dad.  This really put things into perspective for me, because while sitting in my car for 2.5 seconds after realizing I had forgotten my phone, I silently cursed because I was ticked I had to go back down the long hallway to retrieve it.  But after receiving that text it blew my problems out of the water.  And I needed that.

Instead of my own silly issues, here's what I'm going to focus on today because someone may need it:


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