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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."  
Walt Disney

...And in that sense, it took our family to make the dream of this special vacation, a reality.  

(Here's a quick look through my camera.  There were two other cameras going by my sisters so this doesn't cover the whole weekend...)

On Thursday evening, we arrived at the enchanting Saratoga Springs Resort.  We were immediately greeted with smiles and our accommodations in their Treehouse Villas.  This evening was short as we were super tired from the flight.  Dinner and minor sightseeing and we were off to bed for the long, eventful weekend.

Day One: Magic Kingdom
Here's the Martin clan all ready for their new Disney adventure!
Yes, a vintage red fire truck with a singing barbershop quartet
Space Mountain!  
My mom's group was part of the musical act that opened this ride back in 1975 on the show, "Welcome to the World" with Lucie Arnaz.

My sister Kelsey and I had been on the hunt for these lollipops.  Finally got them, well, in a picture.  We decided it was best to not purchase them :)

Other notes on Disney:
Even the construction signs are "magical."  Disney doesn't stop at the entertainment and rides, no, they even think of things like their construction signs.  Each one labeled "Dream Builders" with a inspirational quote from Walt Disney.
If you decide to take a trip out to Disney, be sure to wear comfy walking shoes.  (I was pretty excited when I purchased these cuties for the theme park walking!)

We rode several rides and my favorites were Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

That night, my dad surprised us with a dinner at Disney's Spirit of Aloha Show at Disney's Polynesian Resort. 

The food, in Hawaiian spirit, was absolutely delicious and I was a bit obsessed with the bread.  

We also celebrated my sister Tiffany's birthday that night!

It was a great show and all in all, a fun night.  Thanks, dad!

Day Two: Hollywood Studios

This day began with the most thrilling ride ever - Rock 'n' Roller Coaster!

We watched two shows on this stop including Indiana Jones: Epic Stunt Spectacular (OK) and Lights, Motors, Action (cool).  

This was the girls, pre-show :-P

A cute, family-friendly ride that we waited for, literally an hour and a half, was Toy Story Mania!  The line was ridiculously long, but the ride itself was fun and interactive.  

Later that night we headed over to Downtown Disney for dinner & dessert with friends and to watch the amazing show, Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba.  My favorite?  The diabolos act.  The little girls were amazing and had smiles on their faces throughout the entire act!!

Day Three: Animal Kingdom and Epcot

At the Animal Kingdom, I finally got to go on my favorite ride, Expedition Everest with the Yeti (aka Abominable Snowman).

This park was very cool - literally.  As you walked along the pathways, trees were covering each step allowing you to walk in the shade most the time and allowing you to imagine you were actually in the Animal Kingdom!

Epcot was completely different with rides that focused on the environment and technology.  Pavilions of various countries (France, Italy, Japan, etc) are spread throughout the park allowing you to take part in many different types of food and visits in other countries while remaining in the US.  Very entertaining, yummy, and quite educational.  

If you ever make it to Epcot, be sure to check out the show, Soarin'.  That's all I'm gonna say ;)

The night ended with the spectacular show, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  The most amazing fireworks show I've seen! 

Day Four: Magic Kingdom

Back to the Magic Kingdom for a last look at the castle, ice cream & shopping on Main Street, and final rides on our favorite coasters!  

It. was. truly. magical.


Ana Degenaar said...

OH I LOVE THIS! It looks so fun! I love the pictures!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh sweetie, you have such a lovely and fun family:) You all are beautiful !
Looks like so much fun...I want to go too..hahah
Glad you had a blast!
Btw: that little elephant melts my heart..aww


Elle Sees said...

omg i'm jealous. seriously. and the hidden mickey!

the chirpy bird said...

Aww what beautiful family pics! And that hotdog made me absolutely starving! Gorgeous!
xo tash

Stacey said...

Beautiful photos of the family! I so envy you! Looks like so much fun! XX

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